The Armellin Construction company continues to take concrete steps toward new horizons designed both to meet the specific demands of the business, but also to innovate an entire digital ecosystem that must always be updated and in step with market demands.



In pursuit of reliability and competence, Armellin Costruzioni Spa uses the Certified Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and the following SOA Certifications:

  • OG 1 Ranking VIII (unlimited)
  • OG 3 Ranking III
  • OG 6 Ranking I.


Our company has also been awarded a legality rating of one star+ by the AGCM (Antitrust Authority) under Art. 2, paragraph 1, of the Regulations adopted by resolution no. 28361 of July 28, 2020.

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Corporate sustainability and concern for the environment are part of the values that Armellin Costruzioni S.p.A. places at the center of its business strategy as synonymous with growth and attention to needs in the landscape in which it operates.

In order to implement a green corporate consciousness and culture, the company has certified itself in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, which attests to the company’s ability to implement its environmental policy through the implementation of an Environmental Management System.

Choosing to become certified is not the realization of a goal as much as it is an act of awareness and improvement for an increasingly careful iteration between work and the environment, which takes the form of continuous information, training and the search for business partners who are equally sensitive to green issues.

Daily commitment to reducing its environmental impact, research and use of renewable energy sources and state-of-the-art instrumentation are essential elements of Armellin Costruzioni S.p.A.’s mission.



In its relationships with all its stakeholders, both internal and external, Armellin Costruzioni S.p.A. pursues a corporate ethic whose core principles are reflected in values such as fairness, integrity, trust and transparency.

This conduct, evidenced by the professionalism and skills innate in Armellin Costruzioni S.p.A., is also certified by third-party bodies such as the company’s registration in the White List, i.e., the list of suppliers, service providers and contractors not subject to mafia infiltration, and from the assignment of the Legality Rating issued by the Antitrust Authority (AGCM), a tool that recognizes rewards to companies that operate according to principles of legality, transparency and social responsibility.

Armellin Costruzioni S.p.A. is committed to pursuing, improving and respecting the dictates that regulate the ethical principles so that their daily application and dissemination is guaranteed in relation to every phase of company operations; likewise, the company is committed to being the spokesperson for the aforementioned values to those who interact with its sphere of operations.



Here are some of our best customers, ranging from large-scale retail trade to industrial and residential construction.

In every sector, Armellin S.p.A. stands out for its high level of professionalism in managing the after-sales stages, thus ensuring that the customer, whatever his nature, receives a complete service that does not end at the moment of delivery.