“Change does not always equal improvement,
but to improve you have to change.”

Winston Churchill


In a nutshell.

ARMELLIN COSTRUZIONI SPA has been in existence since 1952, is headquartered in Conegliano (Treviso) and operates mainly as a “General Contractor” (also on a turnkey basis) in the civil, industrial and commercial sectors.

We are a historic, dynamic company that has always been able to seize even moments of crisis as an opportunity to evolve thanks to technical expertise and entrepreneurial skills based on a streamlined organizational structure that uses its strengths to give fast, punctual, precise answers to the market with an inclined attention to customer needs.

Our areas of focus

We specialize in the construction/renovation of civil and industrial buildings, urbanization, medium and large-scale maintenance/restoration and extension works of existing buildings.


Our numbers

ARMELLIN COSTRUZIONI is headquartered in Conegliano (Treviso), with a turnover that currently stands at around 18 million euros.
We started with the construction of residential buildings on our own account and then also integrated orders in every field, from the construction of buildings for industrial commercial use to prestigious hotels.

Projects completed in the last 10 years

Years of activity

Million average turnover


Some Works

Headquarters Civil Defense

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Residence Tintoretto

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Aldi Zola

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Hotel Mediterranee

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